UU Mental Health Network Board Covenant

Ratified on March 1, 2020

We, the members of the Board of Directors for the UU Mental Health Network, hereby covenant to:

  • Serve the Mission of the UU Mental Health Network to the best of our abilities.
  • Adhere to the wider Covenant of the UU Mental Health Network.
  • Trust that all our fellow Board members are each putting forth their best efforts.
  • Be fully present during our meetings and other interactions as demonstrated through our attentiveness and engagement. Take care of ourselves if triggered.
  • Make an effort to exercise active listening, remain mindful of how much “airspace” we take, and ensure everyone has the opportunity to be heard. Monitor our own speaking time – Put the WAIT (Why Am I Talking) rule into practice.
  • Appreciate the differences that we have from each other, in our experiences, our backgrounds, our families, our theologies, and other areas.
  • Recognize that impact is greater than intention.
  • When a discussion is taking a long time, and all points of view have seemingly been heard, mutually agree that enough has been said and move forward (i.e. the “ELMO (Enough, Let’s Move On)” rule).
  • Balance inevitable differences of opinions with a need to act as a unified Board; agree that once a decision is made, we will do our best to carry it out as a body, and not perpetuate disagreements inside or outside of the Board.
  • Uphold the need for confidentiality while also working to be as transparent about the Board’s actions with the other members of the UU Mental Health Network and adhere to the following principles:
    • Discussions within a Board meeting are to be considered confidential until the Board minutes are written and approved.
    • During a meeting, if a Board member wants to keep something confidential, other Board members will comply, and the matter will not be put into the meeting minutes.
    • If a Board member wants to share something mentioned in a Board meeting outside the meeting, they will request permission from whoever mentioned it in the meeting.
    • Board members will keep information they may learn about a Network member confidential, until and unless the member gives permission to share it.
  • Expect to be surprised, to find grace and gratitude.
  • Look to what we can do now that will affect the future positively.
  • Keep a sense of humor!

When the covenant has been broken, that is, when one of these promises isn’t kept, we will figure out how to get back into covenant. The person who has broken the covenant will work with others in the covenanted community to determine what needs to be done in terms of forgiveness and reconciliation to get back into covenant.