Editorial Policy for Blog

We will use the following editorial policy for posts to this blog.

  • We will seek different points of view, and make sure that all of the views are respectful of consumers and family members. There will be differences of opinion between groups, but they will be addressed respectfully.
  • Invited blog writers will include people of different ethnicities and people born in different cultures
  • Reflections on problem areas are appropriate, but not tying them to specific named people or congregations. An exception to this is elected leaders who have responsibility for mental health policies.
  • We want the blog to be heard and understood by a large audience. Accordingly, editors will strive to ensure that profanity isn’t used and that slang is limited or its meaning explained, while understanding that both of these are subjective judgments.
  • We will seek to highlight significant successes
  • We will highlight problem areas with suggested changes for improvement and for seeking justice
  • We will look for the ethical/moral/religious aspect in the story
  • Here is a list of possible subjects (not exhaustive):
    • Personal experiences
    • Reviews of books, movies, organizations
    • Biographies
    • Charitable organizations
    • Heroes / champions
    • Best practices. Congregations with these practices.
    • How mental health is treated in a different country / culture