Survey of UUs on Mental Health Issues

The mission of the UU Mental Health Network (UUMHN) is to promote inclusion of people affected by mental health issues in the life and work of our congregations and in the society at large.  We all know these times are profoundly difficult for many people emotionally for a number of reasons: the pandemic, racial issues, political issues, global warming… 

We will be having a strategy session in November to discuss our priorities for working on the most important issues.  We are seeking to learn what we can do as the UUMHN to support both individuals and congregations in this time of uncertainty, fear and stress, so as to best focus our efforts to carry out our mission. 

We have developed a survey which we will use to determine how to understand the emotional needs of UUs so we can prioritize our work.  

Please take the survey using the link below using this link:

Please take the survey before November 1.

We would like your help in distributing it. Please share broadly to as many Unitarian Universalists as possible before November 1. 

We will share results on our website ( when the survey is complete.

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