UU Mental Health Network is Incorporated!

By Rev. Barbara F. Meyers

Good news! We are now incorporated in Michigan!

We have forwarded the incorporation papers and the bylaws to the UUA for our request to become an official “related organization” of the UUA.

In the incorporation papers, our member Karl Paananen is listed as the registered agent, and the address used as the registered agent’s address is the address of the UU Church of Greater Lansing where he is a member. The church is providing us with a mailbox in the church office.

Now is time to get serious about the business of the organization. The next task is to select officers as specified in our bylaws. Then, we can start having meetings and get busy with our activities. The bylaws state that the core working group that created the UU Mental Health Network will appoint the officers until we have an election in June of 2020, where all members will vote for a full slate of officers.

Here are the members of the core working group: Michelle Wagner, Rev. Katie Norris, Janet Holden, Robert Skrocki, Peggy Rahman, Carol McGough, Tim Hanami, Adam Brown, Karl Paananen, Henry Katzman, Dr. Susan Bartlett Foote, Dr. Pat Corrigan, Dr. Alice Holstein, Rev. Barbara Meyers.

The core working group can appoint people who are not members of the group as officers. This first board will serve less than a year, until June 2020. After June of 2020 when we will have an election where all members can vote on officers, the core working group will disband.

The bylaws specify the following officers of the UU Mental Health Network:
Vice President
Three Directors without Portfolio

Do you have a desire to serve in any of these positions until next June to get the organization off the ground? You do not have to be a member of the core working group to be considered for these positions. If you would like to talk to me about this, let me know at com_minister @ mpuuc.org. Please let me know by August 16 if you are interested.

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